Before Class


Preparation for a class starts way before you arrive at the studio. It’s important to stay properly hydrated, so please drink some water before you head into class!

“What should I wear?” is a question we get all the time. In general, the best answer is whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Form fitting pants or shorts with a tee or sports top are great choices for our classes. We strongly recommend against loose or baggy fitting clothing.

Arrival at Core Rev


Whenever possible, please arrive early to your scheduled class. By doing so, you’ll allow ample time for checking-in, storing your personal items in our lockers and getting mentally prepped for your class.

First time guest? Be sure to stop by the front desk and fill out a New Guest Waiver. This waiver must be completed before you can take any of our classes. Our staff will review any class specific information (how to set up your bike, safety instructions, etc.) and answer any questions you might have.


Time to Ride

OK, you’ve chosen your ride, and are ready to hop on and go. We love the enthusiasm, but let’s take a sec to make sure you what settings you can adjust to your liking.

  1. Raise/lower the saddle (that’s what we call the seat)
  2. Raise/lower the handle bars
  3. Saddle forward/back
  4. Handle bars forward/back

For your first time, a member of our staff will show you how to adjust the settings for the most comfortable experience. We recommend taking a note of these settings until you memorize them, that way adjusting the bike in the future will be a be a breeze.

Wait, where are the pedals?

Our bikes utilize a system that allows a cycling shoe to clip into the bike when you ride. This approach allows for a more efficient workout and more specifically targets your muscles.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own cycling shoes, as we provide complimentary shoes for those riders who need them. Over time you might want to purchase your own shoes, but feel free to use our shoes in class as long as you’d like.

Hydrate Again!

Remember how we said it was important to hydrate before class? Well, it’s even more important during class. We have water bottle fill station located in the lobby, which you can use free of charge. We also provide bottled water at the front desk for $2 per bottle. Either way, it’s super important to have water with you in the class. Trust us, you’ll be sweating and will need to replenish those lost fluids!

General Information


Isn’t amazing all the things we carry to get by on any given day? Work clothes, bags, kids, and workout clothes – just to name a few things. Thankfully, we’ve got your storage needs covered with keypad entry lockers, which are the perfect place to safely store your items. Just chose your own code and you’re set. Since our locker space is limited, we have a special area for smaller items (such as keys and phones) at the front desk. This way we can keep lockers free for those with larger items.


Good things take time. Don’t feel that you have to come in and go all out on your first visit. We all remember our first Cycle or Barre class and the feelings that went with that experience. Excitement, fear, the burn and satisfaction of a great workout. Listen to your body, start slow if you need to and ramp up the intensity as you feel comfortable. It won’t be long before you’re crushing it every workout.

As always, we recommend consulting with your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before beginning any exercise program.