Core Revolution, Charlotte, Aly Faber


Originally from Skowhegan, Maine, Tara has 6 years experience in the fitness industry and she quickly became a well known fitness guru!  Her enthusiasm for fitness started early at 15 years old playing Field Hockey.  She went on to play for the USA Jr Olympics team and eventually traveled to NC and fell in love with our city.  Once moving to Charlotte, she quickly became involved in the fitness community as a fitness instructor, bootcamp and fitness manager and TRX ambassador.  She joined the Core Revolution team in April 2016 and pioneered the creation of our CyTRX program.  Tara loves fusing cardio and strength together into one workout which she believes is the essence of Core Revolution's mission.  If you attend her class you will hear a variety of artists like Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Zedd and Martin Garrix just to name a few.  When not working out, Tara spends time at home with her husband and two stepsons and soon to be newborn baby boy.