Cycling Classes, Core Classes and more in Charlotte, NC.

Welcome to Core Revolution Cycle, Core & More where 'Strong is the New Skinny' and 'We Fight to the Finish!'

We offer Cycle, Barre and Circuit (Rep & Ride) classes for ALL fitness levels.



We employ the latest technology to aid you in your journey to get fit. All of our rooms are equipped with advanced heart rate technology monitoring and offer visual feedback so that you know exactly how you are doing.


Our Instructors are all certified group fitness or personal trainers coming from highly experienced backgrounds. They are guaranteed to make you move and groove; more than that, they understand the science behind it!



Music is an integral part of the experience of cycle training...and we haven't skimped in this department! All CoreRev classes are equipped with enough amps to knock you off your feet! Thankfully you will be strapped in to your bike!

Buying a Class


Before you book a bike, you gotta buy a class. Not to worry, you can buy a series by clicking on the link below


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